Humble beginnings...

2014-07-02 12:43:42


We’ve all been subjected to listening to success stories, right? They often involve some sort of underdog who ends up on the cover of a self-help book in a flashy suit or on a yacht somewhere sipping margaritas and donating lots to charity. Don’t get me wrong – those stories are great, but they often leave me wondering about all the other great people out there whose stories haven’t been shared. 

The story of Redfern is a pretty great one -not so much your typical, glitzy success story but rather an ongoing story of hard work, babysteps (or not so baby steps)and an appetite for growth.I had the privilege of hearing this story from Redfern’s founder and CEO, David Boolsen –a man with a heart of gold and a beard of great magnitude.David’s wife, Cheryl, joined us too –she is equally as lovely despite being significantly less hairy.