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Our clients come first - not only do we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality labels that we provide, but we also go out of our way to offer excellent client service.  From assisting with the selection of the most suitable label, to design input, speedy delivery and technical support, we prioritise client satisfaction.


Custom Labels

Our comprehensive customised label offering meets the diverse requirements of our clients across industries. We realise that each clients’ business functions differ and for this reason these non-branded, specialised labels allow us to best service our clients, regardless of their business or the size of the label order.


Great Template Support

To ensure that our clients’ operations run as smoothly as possible, our knowledgeable representatives offer template support, including printer and computer set-up and other printing advice. Our extensive range of templates allows clients to create and print their own A4 labels according to their preferences and requirements. Click here to view  our templates.

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Redfern's Journey Online

2014-10-28 19:26:10


“Progress is impossible without change”. George Bernard Shaw’s quote certainly rings true at Redfern and throughout the South African markets today. While change does push us beyond our comfort zones, the growth that it brings can be phenomenal if it is approached with solidarity and a positive attitude. This has been especially true of Redfern’s journey online.


Women's Month

2014-08-10 19:53:40


Many say that the Redfern team is comprised of the most fabulous women South Africa has to offer and quite frankly, we couldn’t agree more! Our women exert a fierce wisdom and strength of character that is exquisitely balanced with sincere charm and down to earth, South African beauty. Redfern really wouldn’t be what it is today without the wonderful force of women driving the business forward with strengths in management, branding, admin, sales, production and so much more. We are immensely proud of our ladies and celebrate the diversity and joy that each one brings to our Redfern family this Women’s Month.


Humble beginnings...

2014-07-02 12:43:42


We’ve all been subjected to listening to success stories, right? They often involve some sort of underdog who ends up on the cover of a self-help book in a flashy suit or on a yacht somewhere sipping margaritas and donating lots to charity. Don’t get me wrong – those stories are great, but they often leave me wondering about all the other great people out there whose stories haven’t been shared. 

The story of Redfern is a pretty great one -not so much your typical, glitzy success story but rather an ongoing story of hard work, babysteps (or not so baby steps)and an appetite for growth.I had the privilege of hearing this story from Redfern’s founder and CEO, David Boolsen –a man with a heart of gold and a beard of great magnitude.David’s wife, Cheryl, joined us too –she is equally as lovely despite being significantly less hairy.